Step 1

Navigate to the Wasatch MaidsĀ login page here, or by going to and enter in your login details.

If you have forgotten your password refer to this page here for help.


Step 2

First, make sure you are on the booking tab in your personal profile.


Second, on the appointments tab, click the blue button on the bottom that says "Edit/Reschedule".


Step 3

Now you will be able to edit your entire booking, in order to Reschedule, scroll down to the 6th section labeled "Assigned To" and click on the blue button that says "RESCHEDULE"


Step 4

Choose your new cleaning date and time


Step 5

Once you have confirmed your changes, scroll back up to the top and click the blue button that says "Save Changes"


Your booking will now be confirmed and you are good to exit this page.

Thank you for doing business with us and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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