Step 1

Navigate to the Wasatch Maids login page here, or by going to

Once there, click on "Forgot Password?" on the bottom right.


Step 2

Number 1, Enter your email on line number 1.

Number 2, Click blue button that says "Reset Password Now".


Step 3

Navigate to your email and open the new email from Wasatch Maids (you may have to wait a few minutes for the email to show up or check your spam)

Once opened, click on the blue button that says "Reset Password.


Step 4

Number 1, enter your new password* in the line.

Number 2, reenter your new password* in the line in order to confirm.

Number 3, clilck "Set New Password" to set your password.

*Note: Password must be 6 characters.


Step 5

You will be returned to the login page. From here you can login as usual using your new password.