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We are always looking for dedicated cleaners. Great pay & flexible hours!

Job Description

Here at Wasatch Maids, we hold our cleaners up to a high standard. Working as a team, being honest, having great communication, and being able to provide great customer service are all extremely important to us.

Home cleaners are not only responsible for cleaning homes, but also for providing great customer service to the customers they clean for.

We care about you, and want this to be a great company for you to work for.


  • Weekly pay
  • Full-time or part-time work
  • Work with a company that cares
  • Set your working days
  • No nights or weekends (unless you want to)


  • $14 to $21+ per hour depending on experience, and job duties
  • Tips
  • Get paid while driving
  • Bonuses for gas when driving

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Our company also does after-hours office cleanings (usually after 5pm), as well as Airbnb Cleanings (mid-day around 11am, occasional cleanings, and occasional weekends). Is this something you would be interested in doing? (Required)

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